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The ERNI magazine about technology and best business practices.

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In the magazine, published triannually by ERNI, we share important lessons learnt in collaboration and technology.

How smart people create Smart Factories

What does intelligent production entail?


Inside innovation

When plastic research meets Industry 4.0

Predictive Maintenance
for flawless manufacturing

Step-by-step towards smoothly running machines

Augmented Reality in your factory

For new technology, a new mindset is essential

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The topic of the current issue is Smart Factories.

Let us take a look at Industry 4.0 together. You will find extensive key stories, an interview on the use of virtual and augmented reality in smart manufacturing, a guest article, briefings and a photo story - Smart Manufacturing meets plastics research.

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ERNI believes in the impact of Swiss Software Engineering to create customer value. Our mission is to boost people and businesses in the innovation of software-based products and services. 

The global platform for Swiss Software Engineering combined with a deep market understanding provides the framework for customer success. Our crew manages the complexity of projects, enables people and delivers customer solutions fast.

A Swiss mindset with behaviours like consensus-building, pragmatism, integration, reliability and transparency have been deeply rooted in the ERNI culture since 1994. Together with our great crew, they are the basis for successful software projects. Today, the ERNI Group has more than 650 employees at 15 locations.

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